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Even in these uncertain times, there are certain preventative measures we can take to prioritize the safety of ourselves and our families. In addition to water damage restoration, home renovations, and cleaning services such as carpet and air duct cleaning, Branson Construction offers residential disinfecting in Lake Jackson.

In order to prevent the spread of germs and sickness, it pays to take steps to stay inside as much as possible during high-risk times, such as what we’re seeing with the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). You can take extra precaution today by disinfecting your home. If you have concerns about the cleanliness of the surfaces in your home, Branson Construction can perform full residential disinfecting services to clean your home.

We are proud to offer household cleaning services which utilize Benefect’s effective line of botanical disinfectants and cleaners. We are able to exhaustively spray all commonly used solid surfaces within the home in order to ensure the cleanest indoor environment possible. Read on to learn more about why we chose Benefect’s cleaning products, and call us today to request a quote for residential cleaning in Lake Jackson.

Why Choose Branson Construction for Superior Household Disinfectant Services?

  • We can thoroughly disinfect all commonly used areas of the home.
  • We use cleaning products that are safe, environmentally friendly, and extremely effective.
  • We have been providing unmatched service in Lake Jackson for more than 50 years.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency cleaning services.
  • We can offer unmatched peace of mind in knowing your home is disinfected.


Whether you want to fully disinfect your home after you or a family member becomes sick, or you want to take every preventative measure possible, we can offer you a clean home and peace of mind. We have experience in handling many different residential projects at Branson Construction — restoration from water and fire damage, deep cleaning of carpets and ducts, and a wide range of renovation projects. The bottom line is that our experienced, professional team can handle any residential project you need completed safely and effectively, and our residential disinfecting service is no different. Our team is able to safely disinfect all the commonly-used solid surfaces of your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, counters, handles, appliances, and much more can be disinfected.


To prevent the spread of germs and sickness, it’s often not enough to rely on common household products. What’s more is that with the ongoing coronavirus scare, many products are in very short supply to the public. When you choose Branson Construction for household cleaning in Lake Jackson, you don’t get a home that is merely cleaned, you get a home that is fully decontaminated.

We proudly use products from Benefect in all our cleaning services. A common concern with residential cleaning products is that they could be toxic, harmful to inhabitants of the house, and harmful to the environment. Benefect’s products are a unique blend of natural antimicrobial extracts — not synthetic chemicals — that are completely safe and proven to kill over 99.99% of bacteria. These products are not only extremely effective, but also safe to be used in a household with children, the elderly, or pets. You can trust the combination of our experienced staff and our use of industry-leading cleaning agents to get the job done to the highest level of quality.


Branson Construction can help ease your concerns about the cleanliness of your residence. With the use of Benefect’s safe, non-toxic, and effective cleaning products, we can perform a full sweep of your home to disinfect all solid surfaces throughout your residence. To request the services of our experienced residential cleaning team, contact us today for a quote.

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