Where can you get custom carpentry in Lake Jackson, TX? With the price of contractors skyrocketing as the city and the surrounding areas grow, Branson Construction provides some of the most skilled carpentry available, and at reasonable prices. Master carpenters with decades of experience still exist and are able to fulfill complex renovations which can be necessary for maintaining non-standard and custom built houses.



What should you know about replacing custom baseboards? First, not one size fits all, especially since we are talking about “custom” work. Non-standard means either going to the source…if you actually know who made the original–or taking a sample to a highly knowledgeable builder such as Branson Construction to find something identical for you. Some key facts to note: the dimensions, i.e. the height, should be taken into account; high baseboards–say over 12”, can look strange if you have low ceilings. Also the color, since most prefer the baseboards to match the walls for simplicity (unless you are dealing with wallpaper).

Baseboards are there to protect and keep debris away from the wall as it meets the floor. Vacuum cleaners and heavy traffic tend to scuff a baseboard’s paint over time, so give us a call if you need a repaint or touch-up. Custom baseboards tend to have more crevices and surface area which tend to collect more dirt; something to note when considering maintenance and cleaning. For those that want a simpler solution, a “Quarter-Round”, or a ¾” round as they are called (the wooden wedge where the floor meets the wall), can be very cost efficient and still provide decent protection to the wall with little maintenance needed.


For those that don’t know how to replace a window sill, hiring a professional is recommended as the sill and the trim provide structural integrity to the window itself. A window sill is a ledge (often wood), underneath the window, allowing you to place plants that need sunlight and proveriable “cooling pies waiting to be pilfered”. With Branson’s custom carpentry solutions, the size of the ledge can cut to fit your exact specifications.


When installing a door, a lot of our customers have questions regarding the process of how to replace the trim, or “door casing” that covers the gap between the wall and the door frame. Primarily requested for aesthetic purposes, door casings can do more than just cover an unsightly gap. The casings usually come in three pieces, two side casings and a head casing. If you desire better than just standard casings, for example: you want the “head casing” to flare out at the top (providing a similar look as your crown molding) ask about our custom carpentry service. Also worth mentioning as an option due to their popularity are Rosettes or decorative blocks, placed at the top corners of side casings where they meet the head casing.



What should you know about Crown Molding? In comparison to baseboards, trim, and casings, few improvements tie a room together like crown molding. It can be difficult to choose which design, material, or dimensions that will best fit your interior, so it is recommended to give a sample of your home’s original crown molding to a professional builder like Branson Construction, and then get advice on what style/size is appropriate for your house’s design, i.e. the recommended width of your crown molding usually correlates to your room’s ceiling height. Custom cut moldings cost more and may need to be specially ordered, but when replacing just a section of the original crown molding while preserving the look and feel of the rest of the house, a little extra investment can be more than worth it. Ask us about options, because when it comes to molding, Crown Molding is King.

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