I take pride in being given the opportunity to speak about Branson Construction. It has been nearly two years since I first encountered this great group. We all know that where you have a company, which stands behind its word and work ethics, there is always a great leader that has the will to succeed. My wife and I were having problems with our central air system when we first met Walter and the first thing he stated was, “Let me see what we can do to solve your problem because there is always a solution.” Since this was not his background he referred me to a good company that works with him and the problem that had caused us much anguish was solved in a matter of days. The most impressive part of this story is sometimes overlooked by customers but not the Washington’s, although Branson Construction was not receiving a dime, Walter checked to assure that the matter was being properly handled to our satisfaction. We also used Branson construction to replace our roof after the storm last year and we were both pleased and thankful for the great quality of work performed.

I personally think in the highest regards of Walter and his group because of the professionalism that he shows in every aspect of his work and if you have not been around Walter Branson it will take you long when you have that opportunity to notice that he and his group is very attune to details in their work. In short I think of three words that express how my wife and I see Walter Branson, INTEGRITY, HONESTY, AND A GREAT WORK ETHIC. I would recommend Branson Construction any day of the week.

Ashley & Joann Washington - Lake Jackson, Texas

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